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About Our Tutors

All Brainfuse Certified Higher Education Tutors must reside in the
United States, possess a master’s degree or higher, have prior teaching
or tutoring experience, and submit to a background check.

Tutor Hiring/Training: Tutors undergo a rigorous selection and training
process that includes background and reference checks, multiple screening
interviews, skills testing, and extensive preparation. This selection process
involves the following steps:

  • Resume Review: We only accept resumes from U.S.-based tutors
    with a postgraduate degree (preference is given to certified teachers
    and individuals with prior tutoring experience).
  • Screening Interview: Promising applicants are initially screened to
    determine general ability and willingness to work with students in an
    online environment.
  • Proficiency Test/ Simulated Session Test: Applicants who pass
    the screening interview are tested to determine proficiency within
    each relevant subject area. In addition, simulated sessions are used to
    test the prospective tutor’s ability to convey ideas clearly.
  • Fingerprint/ Background Check: The final round of selection
    involves consultation with references and a thorough fingerprint/criminal
    background check by a third-party evaluation firm.
  • Training: Hired tutors undergo training in proper teaching techniques
    and procedures, including Brainfuse’s instructional methodology, and
    related academic objectives.
  • Ongoing Professional Development: Our curriculum team monitors
    sessions for evaluation purposes, reviews archived session transcripts,
    and maintains regular contact with all tutors, providing them with
    constructive criticism, best practices, and alternate teaching strategies.