Is my child eligible for free tutoring?
Please answer the following questions to determine whether your child is eligible for free tutoring from Brainfuse under the No Child Left Behind Act.

Brainfuse will keep all such information confidential and will only use it to determine eligibility for free tutoring. If you are unable to answer these questions, please contact your school or call 1.866.BRAINFUSE (1.866.272.4638).

1. Is your child eligible for free/reduced lunch program at school?

2. Does your child attend an eligible School? Please provide the school name AND school district:
School Name:
School District:

*PLEASE NOTE: If you have already signed up for an after school program for the upcoming year, you CANNOT sign up with Brainfuse, unless you first contact your school and change your preference to Brainfuse. If you do not change your preference, your application for Brainfuse will be rejected by the Department of Education.

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