25. The Work-GRE Balance

The Work-GRE Balance

How Can I Study for the GRE When I Have a Full-Time Job?

Setting time limits for your GRE study sessions and full-time job may actually help you become more productive at each task. Try to limit yourself to an 8-hour workday and set aside 30 minutes to 1 hour each night to work on the GRE. Deadlines at work or personal obligations will inevitably interfere with that plan every now and then, but you can still do your best to stick to this schedule for as many days as possible. 

Weekends are also an excellent time to spend a larger chunk of time studying and working on practice tests. Just make sure that you are working in a quiet room without distractions.

You can even sneak in some studying while doing everyday tasks, like commuting or running errands. If you can commute to work on public transportation, you can store your GRE vocabulary flashcards on an app if you have a Smartphone and quiz yourself while on the way to work. As an alternative, you can also bring index cards with the set of words you are working on this week. If you need to run errands and get stuck in a long line,you can also take advantage of that time by carrying your index cards or GRE vocabulary app with you.