11. Sample Plan for the "Analyze an Issue" Essay

Sample Plan for the "Analyze an Issue" Essay

Since the directions are slightly different on each exam, make sure to read the prompt and instructions carefully on this section:

Claim:  Technology should not replace all lectures; in fact, it can be used to enhance many of them.

I.  When Technology Should Replace Lectures
A.  To reach billions of people, not hundreds
B.  Gives students ability to replay confusing sections and possibly submit questions to experts
C.  Often encourages interaction and allows students to direct their learning

II.  Why Lectures Are Still Important For Instruction
A.  Opportunity to see a live expert model in-depth thinking on a topic and ask him/her questions directly
B.  Speakers' ability to detect confusion or concern in the audience and address it during the lecture
C.  Opportunity for live learning experiences that cannot be fully translated through a computer

III.  How Technology Can Enhance Lectures
A.  Allows lecturers to ask large groups of students to answer questions by using clickers or similar software programs during the lecture
B.  New opportunities to explore a topic through multiple modes of learning (e.g. images, music, animation)
C.  Option to blend learning by posting live lectures online