03. Your Brainfuse GRE Study Plan

Your Brainfuse GRE Study Plan

Brainfuse gives you direction and choice as you prepare for the GRE. Once you take the diagnostic test, you will receive a customized study plan based on your performance. It will list the skills that you need to work on and give you direct links to videos and lessons that model how to solve these problems. Along with these resources, you will be able to connect with
live GRE tutors who can help you master each skill in time for the test.

1. To start the program, click on "Test Center." You can then select the first full-length test. Make sure to set aside about 2 hours and 40 minutes to complete it. (Please note that the actual exam will be a bit longer because ETS adds in a section for field testing.)

2. After completing the exam, you will see an "Answer Summary Page." This page shows you your raw score on the exam in the top, right-hand corner and an itemized list of skills that you need to master in order to excel on the test. You can always access this list by clicking on "My Tests" in your learning features and in the ribbon that crosses the top of your GRE On-Demand homepage.

3. When you mouse over a skill or swipe it on a touchscreen, you will see a list of resources that will help you develop this skill. They include lessons, videos, and Live Help. When you click on a lesson, you can see how to solve problems that are similar to one you struggled with on the exam. Clicking on videos then lets you see an instructor model how to solve similar problems. To make sure you are actively learning, you can pause the video once you see the problem and try it on your own. When you press play, you can then compare your solution to the instructor's.

Whenever you have a question about a skill or want to work on additional problems, you can also click on Live Help to work with a Brainfuse GRE tutor.