02. Make Your Appointment @ the Test Center

Make Your Appointment @ the Test Center

Choose Your Time, Date, and Format
You can take the GRE at 1 of 700 test centers.1 That number includes centers in the U.S. and abroad. The computer-based test is the most popular version of the exam. It is offered throughout the year at the majority of the test centers. The paper-based test is offered in regions where the computer-based test cannot be administered. Those test centers can only offer the test up to 3 times per year. In the U.S. many of these centers include colleges and universities.

In order to sign up, you'll need to create a "MyGRE Account." Make sure that the name you use on that account matches the name on your identification documents.

You can create that account by going to the following website.  Right-click the link to open in a new window:


Testing Accommodations

If you have a learning disability or a health concern, you can apply for testing accommodations. You will be able to download a bulletin that includes the forms you will need to fill out and submit along with the basic registration materials.

These materials will need to be submitted by mail. ETS includes the downloadable bulletin and their mailing address on the following site.  Right-click to open in a new window:


Make sure to submit these materials a few months before the date of your exam since ETS will take at least 6 weeks to consider your request.

Test takers with health concerns include anyone who needs to bring medical equipment, snacks, or a drink into the room where you take the test.

Subject Tests

If your potential graduate programs require a subject test, you can also sign up for that test when registering for the basic one.