19. Host Group Study Sessions on MEET

Host Group Study Sessions on MEET

Studying does not always need to be done in solitude. Though group work is often dismissed as a waste of time, it cannot only be more fun than studying on one’s own–it can also give you the chance to see new approaches to problem solving.

A MEET Session allows you and your classmates group access to the Brainfuse Whiteboard. This whiteboard allows participants to use audio along with all of the tools on the tutoring whiteboard.

Organizers also have privileges that help them facilitate the study session:

 ·    Private chat is automatically enabled, allowing you to speak to each participant separately. 

  •     You can then enable public chat to allow everyone to speak to one another.
  •     You can also turnoff a participant's audio if he/she is distracting other people.

Activity Ideas for MEET Sessions

1. Have a conversation through text chat, but make sure that you include at least one GRE word in each sentence. (The text chat will keep a record of your words, but the audio will not be recorded.)

2. Share test-taking strategies and try them by posting practice problems on the board. 

3. Review difficult problems together.

4. Post a prompt on the board and host a 30-minute essay writing session.