15. Feedback from the Brainfuse Writing Lab

Feedback from the Brainfuse Writing Lab

While working on Brainfuse, you can submit your essay to the Writing Lab and request feedback on your GRE essays. A Brainfuse writing tutor can then use the rubric from the GRE to evaluate each essay.


How can you submit an essay?

When you are on the Brainfuse homepage, click on The Writing Lab to submit an essay.

1.   Choose the files with each essay on them.

2.   In the comments box, make sure to let the tutor know that you are submitting 2 essays from a GRE practice exam.


The tutor will then be able to use the GRE writing rubric to evaluate each entry.


3.   Click on the blue button to submit the essay.

4.   You will then be able to pick up the feedback on your work within 24 hours, or one business day. You will find the feedback in your Message Center.