Percent as a Proportion

Percent as a Proportion


Thanks to a donor, your department's budget for this year's supplies is 160% of last year's budget.  If last year's budget was $2,125.00, what is this year's budget?


                              Write a percent proportion.

                         Substitute 2125 for b and 160 for p.

    Multiply each side by 2125.

a = 3400                             Simplify.

This year's budget is $3,400.

Finding a Base Number 

Find the number for which 24 is 0.8%.

                   Write a percent proportion.

                  Substitute 24 for a and 0.8 for p.

    Find the cross product.

3000 = b                  Divide each side by 0.8 and simplify.


The number for which 24 is 0.8% is 3,000.