The Dont's of Interviewing


  • Don’t show up late: arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the interview.
  • Don’t arrive with an untidy personal appearance: dress professionally (it shows you care).
  • Don’t smell bad (or better: don’t smell at all): Make sure there are no strong odors emitting from your body or clothes.  This might include bad breath, smoke odor from clothes, or too much perfume or cologne.
  • Don’t be unenthusiastic: show your employer that you care. Most employers will conclude that a prospect with low interview energy will be an employee with low job energy.
  • Don’t have a negative attitude: Don’t show resentment for your past employer or otherwise exhibit a negative attitude. Employers will see this as a warning of things to come.
  • Don’t appear presumptuous or demanding: Don't ask questions about salary, vacations, benefits, bonuses or retirement during the initial interview. If the interviewer asks what salary you want, give a broad salary range. You may want to research the job market to come up with a reasonable range. Make sure to mention that you are attracted to the opportunities and challenges of the job more than just the salary (employers want someone who is enthusiastic about the position rather than just someone who is just “trying to pay the bills”).