The HelpNow Difference
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HelpNow Difference

Because sometimes homework is not just about answering questions.

�First generation� homework help services require students to ask specific
questions in order to receive help. But these services cannot help students
who are struggling to learn or master a new concept, or who have issues that
run deeper than a set of questions. Recognizing this reality, we created Help-
Now � a suite of services designed to meet the needs of today�s student:

  • One-to-One Homework Help from live, online tutors.
  • State-Aligned Skills Building Lessons help students master key academic
    areas in engaging one-to-one sessions from expert instructors.
  • Writing Lab specialists help students produce better letters, term papers,
    and reports.
  • Tutoring for Spanish Speakers.

Quality Instruction, Not Just Answers

HelpNow tutors are instructors. They have the experience and tools necessary
to guide students through new or difficult material. While other online tutoring
programs simply provide students with the answers to their homework prob-
lems, HelpNow tutors provide students with knowledge.

America�s Leading Provider of Online Tutoring to Schools

We understand homework because we understand schools. Indeed, years of
field-tested experience in school districts throughout the country allow us to
consistently provide focused and responsive academic assistance.

Research-Based and Field Tested

HelpNow incorporates many of the same research-based strategies and
instructional techniques that have led over 30 state boards of education to select
us as an approved NCLB tutoring provider.

HelpNow vs. Other Leading Providers Brainfuse Other Leading Online
Tutoring Services
Online Tutoring Platform Yes Yes
State Aligned Tutoring Yes No
Extensive Experience with School Districts Yes No
One-to-One Skills-Building Lessons Yes No
Writing Lab Yes No